A Girl Paid off $5,000 Debt and Saved an Animal Shelter


A piece of positive news is coming from Russian town Maykop where an unknown girl paid the debt of an animal shelter in the amount of 340,000 rubles. 

A young student came to the nearest animal shelter with a kitten she had found on the streets. She was startled by a refusal to accept it. Employees explained that because of a substantial debt they had to the veterinary clinic they were not able to continue taking proper care of the animals.

The workers of this non-profit organization were astonished, to say the least, when the girl offered to pay off the above-mentioned debt. The charity organization posted about this act of kindness coming from a stranger and happen to inspire many people to follow the example. 

An act of a sudden generosity from a stranger became viral across all traditional and modern social media. People commented that now they were feeling more inclined to donate seeing the real change the money could make. 

The girl asked to not disclose her name but allowed a picture to be taken of her and a little kitten she saved. The lucky kitten was named Golden.



  1. I loved this post and enjoyed the wonderful message with it. I appreciate your sharing and I will have to share with my daughter as she is going to be a vet and loves pets of all kinds and will love this story :0

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