A Father With 470 Daughters: Mahesh Savani Adopted the Girls and Paid for Their Weddings


Mahesh Savani from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, is a successful businessman and a well-known humanitarian. He bears the wedding expenses for more than 470 fatherless girls. 

Mahesh Savani has interests in diamond trading, real estate and education. He lost his brother right at the time of his nieces’ wedding. Mahesh performed all the duties of a father and the deed inspired him to help others in need. 

Another death shook him terribly. One of his employees passed away just a fortnight before his daughter’s wedding. The family was in a difficult financial situation and Mahesh Savani was the first one to help. 

In India, a fatherless girl is often unmarried, the traditions require substantial monetary gifts from the girl’s family. 

Mahesh adopted fatherless girls from his village, transforming lives across religion and caste. He organized weddings for all of them and gave the brides precious gifts. In 2014 he conducted a mass wedding for 111 couples. 

He supports the girls even after the important day, helping them if the need is pressing.


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