A Father-Daughter Duo Is Fighting Child Mortality Rates in Bangladesh


Saha family, a professor of microbiology and his daughter of the same profession, works at the Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF) to battle child mortality around the globe. 

In low-income countries child mortality is high. Dr. Samir Saha and his daughter Dr. Senjuti Saha are trying to reduce the gap in healthcare delivery between developing and developed countries. 

Dr. Samir Saha, being a head of the department of microbiology at the Dhaka Shishu Hospital in Dhaka, helped to introduce vaccines for meningitis and pneumonia.

The Saha family works as medical detectives, gathering data, explaining spikes in deadly diseases, and analyzing the genetic material of the children. 

This way in 2017 Dr. Senjuti Saha was able to unravel the mystery of the meningitis cases among children in Bangladesh. She developed a low-cost diagnostic tool that quickly addressed future outbreaks of deadly diseases.

The Saha team has managed to reach 98% of vaccine coverage in Bangladesh. They are still fighting the mortality rate among children. The family team still has a long way to go, as hospitals lack beds for all the children that need help. 

We all can do more. Discover how you can help to make a change here.

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