8 Types Energy Vampires and 4 Ways to Protect Yourself


Do not lock yourself in the secret tower of your deafness and muteness when a danger to be drained by a vampire presents itself. Learn to spot, understand, and survive.


F. became a member of our ‘Book Authors’ club in the spring of 2017. Prior to that day, she used to be a part of a literary community of ‘Pen-Friends’, aspiring authors of her little countrified and old-fashioned town.

There wasn’t a nerve in me that hadn’t been twisted by her skillful pen. F. handed her feelings over to her protagonists with a kind of fatalistic resignation, and her next upcoming book promised to be a sensation. It wrongs my heart to think that one of F.’s best masterpieces was so close to being buried in the coffin of a negatively false critic, envious judgments, and courses of dreadful people. The true nature of this club, when came out from the depth of night to the light of day, made her shiver with repulsion, sell her house, and change her address.

F. being a copious talker, was quite capable of flooring anyone with her stories. I strained my ears and eyes to catch every exclamation. F.’s dark mysterious literary adventure is presented here in her own words, colors of emotions, and splendor of meanings.

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Hunting in the Night

“I always loved reading and had a great natural aptitude for creating fascinating stories. I finished my book and its’ manuscript burned my fingers and my vanity. When a friend of mine offered to spend a long winter night reading and discussing it in a company of like-minded people I rejoiced and agreed with delight. Little that I knew what it would make me fear for the sanity of my mind and the soundness of my body.”

“Every Tuesday and Sunday night eight people got together to feed upon my personal opinions, loveliness of my emotions, and deliciousness of my positive energy. They offered me guidance, predicting fame and success. They took hold of my confidence and knocked it sky-high the next moment. I perceived them as well-intentioned friends, but they led my life into a thousand ridiculous and bitter zigzags. I used to wake up every morning fresh with the world and its beauty, and I felt almost right away that I was not going to accord with the atmosphere in that grand house that belonged to the president of ‘Pen-Friends’ club. But they sensed the most striking point in my personality – painful accountability, and they masterly tied me to their little group with the rope of flattering praises, intellectual responsibility, and luxury of being in the company of bestselling authors.”

“Spending only a few days in their society I felt like the one in whom the faculty of becoming interested in life was worn out. But let me present each episode in sequence and each member of that dusk-flock one by one…”

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Energy vampires prevent you from keeping your body and emotional state in health. There is nothing like a cheerful mind to stay sound and strong against any life challenge. Vampires defy positive and happy people to the teeth and do their best to wipe out the smile off their faces. They work themselves up over feeding on other people’s vitality driven by desire to mend their inner suffering, insecurity, and emotional immaturity.

Dracula #1 – The Narcissist

“We always met on the dark side of twilight and the owner of the house welcomed everyone with an uncompromising face, hard diction, and vibrating consonants. D#1 was as crisp, new, and comprehensive as a first issue of a book before the folding in a cover. And from top to toe he had no misprint. But when I looked thoughtfully enough I saw a person that tried his utmost to be a little of everything and a bit about everywhere – and being not really much of anything.”

“I had come to hate his fixed and cruel-looking mouth that did not admit anything and down faced everybody but himself. If he could not out-argue me on the point of the value of my book, he bullied me, and took my silence for agreement with his views. He was able to praise only himself. There was an abundance of empathy poverty in this person. D#1 carried in his pockets none of the small change of appreciation and gratitude.”

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A Narcissist Energy Vampire’s face is decorated with a constant sign of grandiosity, a lack of empathy, and a craving for admiration. The eyes of that kind of person are made of ego and manipulative false charm. Such person will collect his arrogance, self-centeredness, and ‘ME-first’ philosophy and hurl them into your face.

Dracula #2 – The Victim

“D#2 was very easy to sympathize with, but it was not at all easy to be of any help. She was apt to carry her head thrust forward and somewhat down in an imploring attitude, as if she was looking to any available advice. But as soon as you started to offer one, she adopted a highly tragic and devoured by remorse air. D#2 was not willing to listen, not looking for the solution, enjoying the attention, blooming only when complaining, and rejecting any possible solution.”

“In her company my brains got so dry that I almost lost my wits. She was in constant evident distress and her aura made me feel as if the shadows of the evening began to creep round me. D#2 lived with a sick feeling of suspense and this state was contagious.”

“She made me feel sorry for the lack of inspiration, imagination, and confidence in her life. She pressed her company on me as a witch would press a charm or guard against the evil eye on someone’s chest, only in my case her eye was the evil personified.”

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Victim Vampires dwell in the enormous mileage of suffering, low self-esteem, and lack of self-responsibility. They will fill you with guilt, blaming your actions and behavior for every negative aspect in their lives. They cringe away from any solution as from the blow, cheating themselves, looking for signs of love, thanks, and approval in your sympathy.

Dracula #3 – The Passive-Aggressive

“D#3 was not demonstrative in his anger. He hated the world and its inhabitants with a quiet smile on his rather handsome face. You would regret if you tried to penetrate his reserve. He chose to wear it for a reason – to intrigue and attract sensitive, easy to persuade and convert into his vexed creed people.”

“There was no one that looked half so tranquil among this group. In a company of D#3 I suffocated from the toxic energy that saturated from his whole being. His irritated attitude toward life was telling on me. He was instilling in my mind the hateful pictures of my friends and family, all in the dark, horrid colors. I flatted myself he had got a tough nut to crack but little by little he saw victory in my bow, and his mastery in the troubled look on my face.”

“The vexed protest I felt toward his suggestions concerning my book run riots with me. He never argued openly, which would have been a relieve (because I felt I could prove my point of view), but made me begin a new record of angry doubts with each day of my life.”

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With Passive-Aggressive Vampires a thing promised is never a thing done. They are masters at putting you in passion by innuendos and secret schemes. There is no way of making them speak directly and about the matter at hand. They always jump on the negative side of things but will not admit it to anybody.

Dracula #4 – The Drama Addict

“D#4 looked like an Arabian sheik with his snow-white beard and frosty sparkling eyes. The most dramatic play personified, he used all faculties of his extraordinary and ingenious personality to prey on the tears, exhausted feelings, stressed inner states, and anxious fearful emotions of other people. He was a high-class expert in the art of making people cross with each other, cry to the deaf ears of opponents, and crash nearby loudly smashable objects.”

“His sacred regard for negative emotion was far above any respect for persons. Spending just a few moments near this person I felt rather erased, blotted out from the healthy realm of normal life. He fed upon lives of others, his own being too boring to think or talk about. And to amuse himself he used a special scheme of telling lies and spreading slough scandal about people he knew. This narcotic influence began to manifest its potency on me. I started to lose purpose in life and confidence in myself, summoning all my fortitude to cope with everyday drama he skillfully created.”

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Melodramatic Energy Vampires cut clean out of your life peace and tranquility. They make you agonizingly conscious of the ‘catastrophes’ all over the world that you otherwise would not know about. It drains your energy and time. They make up in drama around what they lack in their lives. Any minor incident will become as massive as a locomotive and that will serve as a source of an exaggerated sense of self-importance for them.

Dracula #5 – The Guilt Tripper

“D#5 kept stealing covert glances at me trying to drill through my brain and find a fulcrum to play on, to keep me remember the wrongs of the past, poisoning the pleasures of the present. She had her hour of victory when with false, malicious intention she made me believe she was a trustworthy friend. And when my heart was open, she triumphantly ended any amiable intercourse, exchanging it to a pretentious smile with words that reminded of secrets revealed and pain shared in vain. Her views were as narrow as her never-existent sympathy. To tax on my strength she invented every possible scenario to make me feel sorry for the things I’d done and the ones I’d missed to fulfill.”

“She used any occasion to bring to the light the regretful moments from my past. Her sudden transformation was the major reason that raced my shadow away from my home town. My secrets revealed in private were exposed to the observation of every passerby, making my existence unbearable.”

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Guilt Trippers have no sense of proportion when it comes to pressing your insecurity buttons. They want to imprison their misery in a false sense of power and control by blaming you for every misfortune in their life. Inventing this manipulative business, they make you do what they want.

Dracula #6 – The Splitter

D#6 was very handy with tools to separate and make people jealous. That raveling ability to make me doubt myself and others was older than the world itself. She found the way to spread vile gossips around couples of lovers and friends, any duo made her green-eyed. She couldn’t be positive about any relationship, her violent dislikes seemed to come right to the hearts of others.”

“I lost my best confidant and my beloved soulmate due to her highly artificial scams. I drew away from my friend quietly, and the whole scene with my lover was an unutterable mixture of tragedy and pathos. She said things that troubled my friend-heart and made my loving-heart weep.”

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Splitter Vampires seek relief from their loneliness in making other people unhappy. They waste their time in the imbecile routines that go by the name divorce and separation. Their bodies seem to be fed by a spring of sad thoughts and miserable emotions. Solitary lives ripple idly round them. It is axiomatic for them that people in union cannot live in contentment.

Dracula #7 – The Criticizer

“D#7 was not tall, but he carried his head so haughtily that he looked a commanding figure and there was something cunning and sharp in the look of his closely set little grey eyes. He disapproved every attempt of my authorship experimentations in his engaging, deep, and a little husky voice. The breath behind it vibrated with faults and judgmental comments. My speech, my voice, my very glances became furtive and repressed under the pressure of his negative connotation of every aspect of my work.”

“I almost lost an ability to think under a tyranny of his pressing personality. He reasoned well and his wit was bold and that deceived me. He was driving at making me doubt my book and forsake an idea to ever publish it. I found myself in bitter waters of his unfavorable opinions and started to discount myself.”

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Judgmental Vampires are virtuosos in making rude comments, judge your decisions, talking about wrongs and ‘bads’ and never saying anything nice. Nature has been horribly niggardly when endowing them with self-worth. Lack of it within makes the fire of their egos blaze furiously without. Being close to these people will make you feel small, and ashamed without any reason.

Dracula #8 – The Fixer

“After a while, I got restless as one did under the heat of a sultry summer day. D#8’s advice seemed so easy to follow and never actually fixed anything, rather made me cease to think about my problems and let them grow and multiply till I was not able to close my eyes on them anymore. Peculiar charm and vividness of her sweet talk made one forget the important meeting, skip the urgent payment, let the important opportunity leave your grip. She had a great stock of excuses that I could easily borrow with no charge but self-reproach in ex post facto manner.”

“Due to her heartless cruelty, I missed the deadline to submit my book to the best publishing agent in the industry. I was compelled to deal with the result. At that moment I cried like a wearied child.”

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Fixer or Controller Vampires walk in your life without knocking and start controlling and dictating what you suppose to do and how you are expected to feel. They do not quite put their finger on the opinions that you have, because they always have their own – and those are indisputable.

Strategies for Survival

“In a company of these people I became clouded, obscure, elliptical, almost not real anymore to the people who meant a lot in my life. These wretched book club made me forget all my responsibilities toward my family and friends. I was their adopted child. They had been quite ‘blowing my trumpet’ to win my confidence at the beginning. And at the end, I became a person on which they exercised their revolting abilities to drain and drench.”

“Being a very respectable lot in our little town, they drafted the rules to follow in our unsophisticated community. To set myself free of their influence I needed to move away, find my way in the distant strange world outside of my native place. I managed to break the dark of my life when away from these people. I learned to stay positive no matter what happened, and what others thought or voiced. That was a lesson to learn and never to be forgotten.”

“I am certainly a person of many oddities. I have my own way of doing all that I do, and I should be grateful for the life lesson I had when was young and naïve. Now nothing can shake the step of my intellectual pace. I believe in myself and in people I love and care about.”

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To cure your life of vampires is vital, otherwise, they will drink your life energy all in, making you feel not in an orbit of your own. To stay in the region of delight and happiness is to stay away from people that make you feel miserable. Becoming conscious of your surrounding will set you at ease.

1) Assess Your Emotional Capacity and Strengthen It

Your understanding of yourself should be a gambit in the game of life. Self-reflect with genius and do not let self-love be a theoretical feeling – do that in earnest. Use your elegant and resourceful instrument, the intellect, and increase your emotional capacity by walking, meditating, doing yoga, cooking, and cycling. With ever-increasing energy work on your relationship with your partner, make sure you have a steady enjoyable job, and a great place to live. Go through life in a rosy state of love intoxication and an answer will echo in your head: you will know how much of a particular person you can take, what motivates you to have that connection, and how to not pay too high of a price for it. A privilege to choose what and whom to let into your life reserved to you alone.

2) Determine How Much of a Threat to You the Energy Vampire Is

Out of the ten octaves that make up the human instrument, you should be able to compass perhaps two the most vital ones: what kind of threat is in front of you and how much of it you can take. Never let yourself be involved in a series of the most phantasmagorical amorous intrigues that energy vampires try their utmost to build around their prey. Your mind and soul should be proof against all the consolations of energy drainers. If you still feel that your head aches, your dry sleepless eyes feel as though they were bruised from behind, and the blood is beating within your ears – the intercourse with some person was too much and you need to either remove the danger or learn to place a safety barrier to protect your inner tranquility.

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3) Vampire Identification

Energy vampires have no sense of proportion when it comes to mood swings. It doesn’t quite come home to them that the whole world does not revolve around them. They seem somewhat afraid of responsibility and are in constant search for victims to put the weight of every possible blame on. By way of healing the breach they try to look agreeable and well-intentioned, while bringing awkward stories to light behind your back. They roast you alive with their complaints and disputes. One very great disadvantage of their personalities is a pessimistic approach to life. It is uppermost in their minds and it poisons their existence.

4) Decision to Make

Has it flashed upon your vision that we attract in our lives what we haven’t improved in ourselves? Once you embrace with strong arms the issues in yourself, address them, work through – you will feel the fragrance of freedom when away from the vampires’ influence. Every ‘Dracula’, deprived of the opportunity to prey on you, will leave you in peace searching for a more drainable victim.

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Your mind is the most formidable instrument and the music it produces should be a source of spiritual aid for you and for others around you. Do not be a loose thinker, recognize when you’re being drained by an energy vampire, do not let yourself be filled with anxiety. Take control of your nervous organization, follow your breathing, visualize a shielding barrier, buffer zone, where none of the negative influence can penetrate. Let the roaring, rushing, impetuous torrent of influence go away without distressing you, stay neutral, getting defensive will only charge everyone with negativity. Shake hands only with positive emotions, it will rejuvenate you and attract more light and love into your life.

Stay tuned…


  1. I find myself trying to identify what kind of energy vampire I am! This is quite an interesting subject to read to about.

  2. This is a really detailed and intriguing post! I’ll definitely have to do a bit of soul searching to help me remove these vampires from my life

  3. i try my best to souround myself with positive people as they do wonders for my own well being x – kind regards Pati Robins at style squeeze blog

  4. Energy vampires will drain you so much to the point where you feel overwhelmed and stressed. This was a great read to help anyone identify the different types of energy vampires and how to deal with them.

  5. I live with and was married to a victim vampire. It was definitely a horrible and draining experience. I know how much it drains you as they feed on your through guilt and intimidation.

  6. I have encountered all of these energy vampires in my life. It was so stressful having to deal with people like these everyday. Thankfully, I have learned to cope. They don’t affect me as much now as they did before.

  7. I know for a fact that at a point in my life, I was one of these emotional vampires too. I am glad that I was made aware of the destruction I bring. It is draining. Not just for the other people but even for the self.

    Anyway, I continue to deal with various emotional vampires in my life. I think it’s not easy to avoid these people. It think it’s part of life. So it is really important that we find a way to cope.

  8. Over the last few years, I have become very aware of the energy vampires in my life. Being around these people was so overwhelming that I cut them out of my life. Life has been much quieter and peaceful without these people, but now I feel like I’m hyper aware of new energy suckers that come around me. I admit I think I am overly sensitive, but where do I draw the line of coping with these people (which I find very exhausting) and cutting these people out? My husband thinks I am overly critical and need to just ignore it, but I can’t help the way I feel!

  9. Wow what a great post! Actually I’m a narcissist person in a way of I’m too much in love with myself. I’m contended to be me and I have no time for those people who know that they don’t giving you worth It’s sad but it’s true. Life teaches me on how to do things in my own by not asking help for others but I’m still working to surround people to chance this kind of attitude 🙂

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