3D-Printed Home in 24 Hours: Icon Revolutionized Affordable Housing


Icon, an Austin startup, designed 3D-printing technology to build tiny homes in a day’s time.

Growing demand for affordable housing in the US forced the team at Icon to reimagine how a home could be constructed. The company developed a 3D printer capable to build a home up to 2,000 square feet and smaller in under three days.

Building a new home may cost an average of $289,415, according to Realtor. Icon has set a goal to cut costs by 30$ to 50%, which is a transformational breakthrough in homebuilding and an inspiration for others in the housing business.

The company successfully printed a 350-square-foot proof-of-concept home in East Austin for $10,000 in 24 hours in 2018.

Icon’s latest 3D printer, the Vulcan II, can be shipped to where the unit is going to be located with few human crew members to assemble and operate the device.

The Vulcan II is fully automated and is used by the Austin-based Cielo Property Group to print homes for formerly homeless residents at community First Village.

Icon won fourth place in a NASA 3D-Printed Habitat Competition for its technology. The company has raised $9 million in seed funding and partnered with nonprofits, developers, architects, and financial services and is focused on radically improving millions of lives at a global level.


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